At high school, I was enjoying to read psychology books and asking too many questions to our psychology teacher. After showing a great interest in the area my parents supported my decision to receive a formal education in psychology and choose it as my future career. I completed my BS, MS and PhD degrees at Middle East Technical University. Since my professors at METU were both great clinicians and academicians I not only learned textbook knowledge but also benefitted from their clinical experiences and advice. I had several valuable role models during my academic life with whose help I improved myself as a clinician and a person. During my MS and Ph.D education, I worked at prisons and Public and Detention Houses and gained invaluable experience working with prisoners. Especially my encounter with the mafia and the inmates convicted of terror increased my knowledge about personality disorders, and also dealing with resistance in psychotherapy. In 2004, I started to work as an academician at Abant Izzet Baysal University. Clinical psychology, psychotherapy, and forensic psychology are my area of interests. I conducted several studies (over 20) and lead projects (over 9) related to stress, stress related growth, posttraumatic growth, subjective well-being, stress appraisal, coping strategies, depression and anxiety. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience in different contexts such as lectures, supervisions, conferences, seminars, workshops etc.


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